Artist - Photographer - Backyard Homesteader


80 miles west of where? ...anywhere

80 Miles West is about exploring & experiencing adventure - from our own back yard to our spur-of-the-moment road trips! 

Did you ever have  the urge to hop in your car and drive anywhere just for the sake of exploring? Seeing something new, revisiting old haunts, exploring a different corner of a favorite destiny, enjoying the homemade flavors of a small diner?  


Exploring with my husband on weekends is where we unplug from the weekly grind of logic & order. It's where I gather inspiration to feed my creative soul. 

We live on a little over an acre in the beautiful rural setting of western PA surrounded by good people and acres of woods.  We work hard to produce much our own food free from pesticides, hormones and antibiotics with a huge garden and chickens for both meat and eggs.  


Our bonus is the deep satisfaction we get from growing it ourselves while working together to create our backyard homestead!

Growing healthy organic food in our garden, recycling chicken manure and garden waste into usable compost, raising bees to pollinate our crops (and for the delicious honey), we strive to become self-sustainable as possible in today's world.  



You'll find a sneak peek into our world hidden within my blog. 


Photography, paint, and pencil -  tools I use to create art!  

A shovel, rake and hoe - tools we use to create healthy self-sustainability! 

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